drupal commerce

Update Drupal commerce 2 website

Backup to Acquia dev desktop local site

Take a copy of htaccess to preserve customisation

-- On local site --

navigate to directory above public_html

run composer outdated or composer outdated 'drupal/*'

composer update --with-dependencies drupal/commerce drupal/commerce_price drupal/commerce_product drupal/commerce_order drupal/commerce_payment drupal/commerce_payment_example drupal/commerce_checkout drupal/commerce_tax drupal/commerce_cart drupal/commerce_log drupal/commerce_store drupal/commerce_promotion drupal/commerce_number_pattern

Paypal receiving limit

Allow login by username or email on checkout login form

To answer my own question, this is possible using the email registration module.

install dev version
apply patch from here
go to /admin/config/people/accounts and check the checkbox: Allow log in with email address or username.
go to /admin/commerce/config/checkout-flows and replace the default login with the login provided by this module
Optionally, the patch from this issue will allow for the username to be entered on registration.

Composer nodev

If you have separate dev/staging and production servers, ensure you copy/commit both your composer.json and composer.lock files to production and always run composer install --no-dev on production, rather than update. (The --no-dev switch will stop any packages listed in 'require-dev' from being installed, typically modules for debugging and libraries for unit/behavioral testing.)

Drupal commerce 2 drupal 8 Order workflow

Update to drupal commerce dev with composer

Composer Drupal project Commerce

Update Commerce Kickstart

Drupal commerce delete user

Proceed to WorldPay to make your payment button not clicked automatically

diff --git a/commerce_worldpay/commerce_worldpay_bg.module b/commerce_worldpay/commerce_worldpay_bg.module
index 3da1d35..222ebd9 100644
--- a/commerce_worldpay/commerce_worldpay_bg.module
+++ b/commerce_worldpay/commerce_worldpay_bg.module
@@ -579,6 +579,14 @@ function commerce_worldpay_bg_submit_form_submit($payment_method, $pane_form, $p
* @see commerce_worldpay_bg_redirect_form()
function commerce_worldpay_bg_order_form($form, &$form_state, $order, $settings) {
+ /**

Allow address comparison rules to check multiple values in one condition

When setting up shipping I have a need to be able to change flat rate shipping based upon a list of countries or post codes in a country.

Using rules and working with 'Order address component comparison' unless I'm missing something you have to make a separate condition for each country/postcode when it would be much easier to include a list of values in one condition.

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