Update Drupal commerce 2 website

Backup to Acquia dev desktop local site

Take a copy of htaccess to preserve customisation

-- On local site --

navigate to directory above public_html

run composer outdated or composer outdated 'drupal/*'

composer update --with-dependencies drupal/commerce drupal/commerce_price drupal/commerce_product drupal/commerce_order drupal/commerce_payment drupal/commerce_payment_example drupal/commerce_checkout drupal/commerce_tax drupal/commerce_cart drupal/commerce_log drupal/commerce_store drupal/commerce_promotion drupal/commerce_number_pattern

composer update drupal/core webflo/drupal-core-require-dev "symfony/*" --with-dependencies

run specific modules update, or run all of them, composer update drupal/* --with-dependencies

run update.php

clear cache

upload composer.lock and composer.json

-- On production server --

composer install --no-dev

run update.php

clear cache

reinstate htaccess