Drupal views duplicate

Pass Drop It

drush update errors

PDF from web

m2v stream encoding

Drupal 7.50 fix message


Lynx or Wget or Curl

final cut pro 7 updates


menu block permission


Beautify HTML

vertical center divs

Slider Revolution Doc

Power Consumption by GoPro Camera Model

A good example to use is a time lapse shoot of one image capture per minute with the HERO3+ Black edition camera. Standby in photo mode uses 1.9 watts per hour. The 4.37 Wh battery would be expected to last 4.37/1.9 = 2.3 hours. Or 138 shots. The extra power used during the shot itself is minimal.

Device Width

Ctools require once

IE compatibility mode

CSS selectors



Node Export failed with VBO

Syndicate content between Drupal websites: A how-to guide

Imagine there was a way to enter content on one Drupal website and have it automatically appear on another. Suppose you could just as easily send it to five, or for that matter a hundred other sites if you wanted, and on each one it could be edited or deleted just like you'd entered it manually...

Okay, maybe it's not that romantic after all. But assuming this site-to-site transfer of content is something you're after, you can stop imagining and start building using the instructions below.

Running a Mail Server

CSS resolution of phones


Getting Images Crawler

Remove Unwanted InfoWindow Scrollbar

Wrap the in InfoWindow content in DIV tags
CSS style the DIV tags with:

Batch Geocode


Snapwidget instagram feed

Show hidden files

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

killall Finder

Quotas Bug Centos Xen

ln -s /dev/xvda /dev/root

After the symbolic link is created, you can run your quote check function again. In cPanel this function is :
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