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The provided host name is not valid for this server.

This error message is coming a feature that was added to Drupal 8 to protect against HTTP Host header attacks. The feature is also described in the change record that was generated for the patch.

Essentially, is was possible to spoof the HTTP Host header for nefarious purposes, and trick Drupal into using a different domain name in several subsystems (particularly link generation). In other words, the HTTP Host header needs to be considered user input, and not trusted.

Twig reference


{% (this is a block) %}
${ (this is an expression) }
${ this_is_also_a_variable }
${ variable | this_is_a_filter("and", "these are", arguments) }
this == is + an ~ "expression"
{# this is a comment, and is removed when the template is built #}

Referenced Entity - Twitter card

The key here is to use a special token, entity, which will allow us to chain the entities referenced one to the other from our token and to traverse them as for a small Sunday ballad. And because a drawing is better than a long speech, let us take a few examples.

Block Twig

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In a block twig you can access a field value like this:

{{ content['#block_content'].field_myfield.value }}

This is the database value of the field.

Most times you want to render a field:

{{ content.field_myfield }}

This will display the field as it is configured in the view mode.

Print twig without markup

{{ content.field_name.0 }}


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